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Lynn L. Atkinson

Welcome to the Florida Region Website of the Navy League of the United States. The goal of this website is to enhance communication between the Navy League members in the Florida Region, and to share “best practices” between the Councils, so that we learn from each other’s experience. Please send me information to add to this website to keep it relevant and up to date. I hope that our Florida Region can continue to be a strong part of the Navy League and that we can increase our membership and impact within Florida. Thank you for visiting our Florida Region Navy League website.

Lynn Atkinson
Florida Region President
Navy League of the United States

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  1. Greetings,

    Santa Rosa County Navy League is issuing a challenge to all Florida Navy Leagues. A Navy League contest in our County awards residents who help in any small way active military or their family. We have medals and stickers and sash’s to display awards, depending on the number of acts of kindness. We have named our contest after a long time local Navy Leaguer, JoAnn Sisson, who passed away this year.
    We are not satisfied to compete just within our County. Our challenge is that our County will provide more acts of kindness and assistance than any other County in Florida. We look forward to the competition and are not opposed to wagers. Dan Stewart, President Elect, Santa Rosa County Navy League

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