A Leadership Communication from the Navy League of the United States

June 25, 2020

Navy League National Convention Postponed to 2021

The executive committee has made a determination to postpone the Navy League 2020 National Convention to 2021. The convention was previously postponed to October 2020 in Scottsdale, Arizona; however, due to safety concerns, the executive committee passed a motion that states that a convention date will not occur until after Jan. 1, 2021.

Join the Navy League Advocates Team

Interested in helping the Navy League support the sea services in Congress? Last year our Navy League advocates completed more than 80 meetings nationwide, and over 250 during our biennial November Fly-In. Join our Grassroots Legislative Initiative training on the Navy Budget Monday, June 29 at 2:00 p.m. ET by emailing Director of Government Affairs Ryan Simon at rsimon@navyleague.org. You’ll receive everything you need to become a fully prepared advocate and build and capitalize on strong relationships with your members of Congress and their staff to support our Sailors, Marines, Coasties and Mariners!

NATSEC 2020: Coronavirus and Beyond Videos Series on Government Matters

Learn how COVID-19 will reshape the business of government in the national security community in this five-day video series, hosted by Government Matters, Association of the United States Army and the Navy League. From July 13-17, this series will explore how the national security community fulfills its mission differently in the post-coronavirus world. Sign up for a reminder!

Spread the Word

Watch the Battle of Midway Webinar Thanks to everyone who attended our Battle of Midway virtual webinar, co-hosted by the Sea Cadets. If you missed the event or want to rewatch it, please visit the Navy League site. Be sure to share with others who might be interested in learning more about the Battle of Midway.

Highlighting Our Heroes on the Navy League Blog Continuing with our Highlighting our Heroes blog posts, we shine the spotlight on Doris Miller, the first ever African-America to receive the Navy Cross, the Navy’s highest medal. The Navy also plans to name a ship after Doris Miller in honor of his heroism. Read more about this American hero’s journey: https://blog.navyleague.org/blog/highlighting-our-heroes-doris-miller.

Navy League Merchandise

The Navy League has added a new vendor option to the ship store, so councils can purchase Navy League merchandise, such as business cards, apparel, awards and more. The Navy League has added Vistaprint as an option for business cards for councils that look uniform. As the project progresses, we plan to keep Vanguard for awards material and move all other materials to Vistaprint.

Military-Friendly Job Fairs Throughout the Year

Corporate Gray sponsors Military-Friendly Job Fair in Virginia and San Diego nine times a year. These fairs feature booths from defense contractors, small businesses, nonprofits, firms and government agencies. To find out about the next job fair near you, please visit the Corporate Gray site.

Tell Us Your Navy League Stories

The headquarters communications department is looking for compelling stories, photos and events from the field that could attract new members and tell others the Navy League story. If you think you have the right story or photo, please let us know by emailing us at communications@navyleague.org.

Claim Your Member Benefits

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All offers and discounts are subject to the availability and eligibility as defined by the offering company. The Navy League partners with companies to make these discounts available to our members, but does not administer the discounts.