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Vietnam: Service, Sacrifice, and Courage

Northeast Florida veterans contributed their tender, often hurt feelings to shape this project. They fought an unpopular war and yet returned home to lead normal and successful lives.

Filmed and edited by the students in the Flagler College Communications Department.

Prisoners of War: Stolen Freedom


This documentary compares the stories of four American servicement through their time as prisoners of war in three major 20th Century conflicts; World War II, Korean Conflict and Vietnam War.

Sinking of the USS Indianapolis

USS Indianapolis (CA-35)

This video is a first-hand recollection of a WWII survivor of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. Filmed by the Veterans’ Council of St. Johns County, Florida Chairman, Bill Dudley. Program director Michael Rothfeld.

Giles McCoy was a young Marine when his ship was sunk by a Japanese submarine. Giles spent 4 1/2 days afloat in the Pacific Ocean with a deflated life raft and no food. Less than 1/3 of the Indianapolis crew survived the ordeal.