The October issue of Seapower is live online!


Undersea and Aerial Warfare
    • Minding the Gap: The Navy is Weighing a Range of Options to Mitigate a Project Attack Sub Shortfall in the Next Decade
    • The Future of Strike: As the Navy Attempts to Deal With a Looming Fighter Shortfall, it Must Decide What its Future Will Look Like
    • Q&A: Steven J. Ditullio, Vice President for Strategic Systems at Draper
    • A ‘No Fail’ Mission: Specialized Undersea Rescue Force on Call to Quickly Deploy to Aid Submariners in Trouble
    • Covert Delivery: Two New Submersibles Add Capability and Capacity to Special Operations
Also in this Issue
  • President’s Message: Guiding the Navy League Into the Future
  • Washington Report: Election Uncertainty Complicating Pentagon’s Ability to Plan its Budgets